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About Author Rizél De’Lano

Born and raised in sunny Pretoria, South Africa, Rizél De’lano is a design thinker and strategist, luxury brand management consultant, communications expert and author.

With 30-year research and insights from mythology, history, science, biology, psychology, business and communications, author R.De’lano takes readers into a fascinating world of challenges and opportunity, masterfully portrayed in captivating, entertaining programs, books, articles, and events.

With a reputable 30-year background in Business Consulting on Luxury Brands, Communications, Leadership, Marketing Management, Public Relations, Journalism, Publishing, Production, Product Development and Content Direction, R.De’lano has grown in tandem with rapidly changing times to stay relevant in various sectors of the economy, with a plethora of pertinent skills learnt along the way.

R.De’lano pulls from the most brilliant minds and cutting edge science-backed research and numerous interviews with some of the world’s most prominent achievers in various industries to bring you vital, potentially life changing information. 

R.De’lano is a prolific writer, tackling a vast range of written works in various genres and professions.

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