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We would love to hear your story…

It’s important to document your experiences so others can learn from it…

In doing research for this book, it was difficult to get opinions from the mothers of dragons in first person. 

To be able to write a follow up on this book, on current and hatching dragons who will possibly change the world in future, I need your story to help me write insights for other mothers to follow in their quest to raise their children to become super successful.

In each child is a possible dragon… but each one’s story is different.

Even if you feel your experience of motherhood is insignificant, it may not be for others who are on a different level or journey and who may find inspiration in what you share. 

When a mother gives birth to her first child she wishes she had a guide to follow in raising her child. In the past there weren’t any. Today with so many communication channels mothers now have a more accessible stream of information to help them.

And with the Mothers of Dragons book they can finally have a benchmark, to work towards. And to make it even better, all motherhood experiences are welcome additions.

When you think you have something extraordinary to share, tell it here so the world can see and learn. It’s not about claiming any glory, it’s about receiving recognition for what you’ve gone thought, so it can give you confidence to go further.

Send your story, of how you are a mother of a dragon, or if you know someone deserving of the title, or any insight into how to be a confident mother to

By sending a letter, you agree that it may be published here on the Mothers of Dragons website: